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They got to the beach before sunset, it was going to be their last one watching together. It was where Roger and Heather met two weeks ago. "Hi." Heather reached for his hand, "I don't wan't it to end." "Me either." Roger put his arm around her, "But what can we do? I live in …

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Cape Cod Bay

Stacy loved coming to the beach before sunrise. Something she's done every morning since her and Tom bought the small beach house five year ago. Stacy loved the peacefulness, just listening to the birds and the sound of the water lapping on the shore. She had herd stories about mystical sea creatures living in Cape …

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I flaked out on my girlfriend for this? What the fuck was I thinking? Jim and his bright ideas. Some fun. It all started when I got in the car with Jim, and he said, "I got a surprise for you." I should've known then. Jim doesn't do little surprises, but this was just insane. …

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Cuckoo Clock

Bobby always loved to go to his grandparents for vacation. Not because they lived in Florida, although he did hate the northern winters, but because of the cuckoo clock hanging on the living room wall. A feeling of comfort came over him every time Bobby would stair at it. One night while lying in bed …

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